Supported Artist Shout Out – Katie Dale-Everett

Introducing Katie Dale-Everett – A Dance Woking Associate Artist

Katie is a choreographer and facilitator interested in the movement and communication between all things; body, art, text and thought, focusing on the human form we exist in, in connection with technology to better understand ourselves and our relationship to the world and others. Katie is using her time with Dance Woking to develop her Digital work and explore how this can be further developed with young people. She says of this opportunity: “I have always felt supported, nurtured and encouraged by the team at Dance Woking and continue to look for ways in which my work can sit within and/or work alongside the work you are doing. I believe we share many values; connection, using dance to impact people’s lives positively and championing learning and look forward to future opportunities to build upon these values“.

I thrive on creating imagined and real worlds for people to become part of, to explore their creativity, whilst discovering their uniqueness and power to contribute positively to communities

Katie Dale-Everett, Artistic Director of Katie Dale-Everett Dance is one of our Associate Artists. Katie’s vision is to use creativity as a way to create kinder, more interconnected and better-considered communities. Communities where we feel open to talk, share, learn, inspire and be heard and spaces where we feel valid, able to contribute and where we can all become artists. She engages in projects where she is able to facilitate space for people’s stories to be captured, for their experience and knowledge to be shared and for people to discover both their uniqueness and their power to contribute positively to communities. At the core is her desire to create group situations that facilitate individual journeys and learning and that use movement to instigate new levels of consideration, understanding and connection to others, our communities and the changing world around us.

With the support of Dance Woking, Katie is about to start researching and working on a new work ‘Copy’. ‘Copy; will challenge authenticity within micro-influencing, and it is her hope that it will be used by educational settings, charities and festivals. 

To start the research Katie has started to question what authenticity means to her and has shared the following with us:


To be one’s true self, 

To rebel against conformity, 

To be vulnerable, 

To take risks, 

To be wholehearted, unafraid, non-conformist,

To have trust, 

To work towards creating a world in which people feel safe, loved and accepted to be who they are, 

To connect,

To show up fully present,

To not edit,  

To take a chance,

To not be what you perceive to be other people’s and your own idea of perfection,

To see yourself as continually evolving, 

To relearn who you are, 

To challenge and question,

To work hard and sit in discomfort,

To be alive, 

To not COPY

You can find out more about Katie by visiting her profile page here

Dance Woking developed the Supported Artist Programme, a new annual programme, to support up to 11 local dance artists and creatives living or working in Surrey to help them either re-establish their practice or begin it and help make working within Surrey a more sustainable proposition. Each week we will be introducing you to one of our supported artists and showcasing their ongoing work, achievements and capabilities. For more information about the scheme please click here