Katie Dale-Everett

Katie Dale Everett

I am a choreographer and facilitator interested in the movement and communication between all things; body, art, text and thought, focusing on using the human form we exist in, in connection with technology to better understand ourselves and our relationship to the world and others. I am preoccupied with creating innovative artistic structures to tell, explore and reveal people‚ stories, thoughts and experiences, creating intimacies; through shared moments and 1 to 1 and high functioning open participation spaces. I am curious about how to approach these interests in new and accessible ways. I thrive on creating imagined and real worlds for people to become part of, to explore their creativity, whilst discovering their uniqueness and power to contribute positively to communities. My work takes many forms; dance films, live work, participatory and audio works. I have additional experience choreographing movement for plays and mentoring and supporting emerging artists.
I have been recognised and supported by Studio Wayne McGregor through the QuestLab Network programme and The Point as Associate Artist. Additionally, I have facilitated workshops for various community groups, across all levels of the education system and in nine UK counties. I also work as an inclusive dance practitioner and producer.


Picture 1 – Virtual You at Adjustments Nov 2018 — Photo by Jane Russell
Picture 2 – Questlab Empa Resarch – Photo by Sophie Newton
Picture 3 – Dance Digital Tattoo – Photo by Ellie Kelly 2018
Picture 4 – Virtual You at ~Adjustments Nov 2018 – Photo by Jane Russell

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