Party in the Park

This year we marks the 100 Anniversary of World War 1 and the Representation of the People’s Act

Party in the Park will be used as a platform to highlight these celebrations and showcase some of the community projects and activities that will focus on these significant milestone events, and encourage participation among Woking’s diverse communities, developing ‘pride of place’.

“Surrey in the Great War: A County Remembers” – The Surrey History Centre will be planning events to commemorate the centenary of the end of the World War II (1914-1918), to showcase the work they have been involved in and promote their website “Surrey in the Great War”. The website will continue to serve as a legacy of the 1914-1918 Commemorations. The key theme for Party in the Park will be around the World War One theme.

Dame Ethel Smyth was a long-term citizen of Woking who had an international reputation, and it is most appropriate that our town should seek to be proud of Smyth, and to celebrate her achievements alongside those of other notables such as H.G. Wells.

Smyth was a remarkable woman by any standards, first and foremost a composer but also an author, a sportswoman, a vigorous campaigner for recognition of women’s contribution to the arts, and for two years (1910 –1912) a leading suffragette. She was especially active in raising awareness of the status of women within the music profession, and her books as well as her correspondence, most of which were written whilst living in Woking, contain much forthright defence of this subject. She was one of the most famous conductors of the Woking Choral Society.

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