Introducing… Liaise Women’s Centre Art Group!

Our fifth and final group presenting work at our event ‘Different Pasts, Shared Future’ in partnership with Woking Council is Liaise Women’s Centre Art Group based at the Maybury Centre. The group will be sharing artwork that they have produced with artist Maria Lima. ‘Different Pasts, Shared Future’ is a cultural celebration event for National Refugee Week on Tuesday 19th June, 6pm-8pm at H.G. Wells Events and Conference Centre in Woking.

Liaise is a women’s centre providing a safe and supportive environment for women to network, learn new skills and get advice and information on a range of issues. Dance Woking have been working with Liasie over six weeks, first in movement with Kate Finegan, and then creating art using the movement as their inspiration with Maria Lima.

‘The Liaise Women’s Art group spent a morning exploring creative ideas through movement, firstly thinking about their own journey, where they were born, where they went to school, when they were married, had children, moved country, which they transposed into a series of movements sequences, which were then photographed. Blowing up selected images onto cardboard to create a silhouette to be filled further with a visual arts response to their journey , photos maps, images, flowers telling each unique story.’ Kate Finegan

The large silhouette will be presented at ‘Different Pasts, Shared Future’ and members of Liaise will be there to talk about their experience of creating artwork from movement. The event is free and open to all, come and see some fantastic artwork, dance performance and film!

Find out more information about Liaise Women’s Centre here!

Different Pasts, Shared Future
Tuesday 19th June, 6pm-8pm
H.G. Wells Conference & Events Centre, Woking