Seeking partner schools please read on

Dance Woking’s very experienced Outreach Team has been busy leading our highly acclaimed Hunky Dory Dancer Programme in a number of partner schools across Woking & Surrey this term. We have been delighted with the feedback from both participant dancers and school leaders with the impact that this programme has had on children’s health & wellbeing. As the Summer term comes to an end, we’ve made sure that all participants on the Hunky Dory Dancer Club received a very special certificate to congratulate them on their hard work this term!

The Hunky-Dory Dancer Programme has been put together by Dance Woking and is designed to emphasise dance as a form of fitness and wellness, as an outlet for fun and enjoyment through movement and as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. Included within this programme is a focus on healthy living including healthy foods and lifestyle.

The programme has been such a success that we have already secured 5 new contracts for September! If you would like to hear more about the programme or get your school involved please contact us