Two Guest Company’s confirmed for 17 March

Dance Woking is pleased to confirm two guest Company’s who will be performing at the Boys Only Platform on Friday 17 March, 7.30pm at Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking

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About: Sketch Dance Company is an emerging contemporary dance theatre company owned and run by Artistic Director Jasmine Andrews. SDC promotes the concepts of human emotion and real life experience. Using contemporary based movement enriched with the use of character, musicality and narrative to create work aimed to inspire the lives of people everywhere. Blurring the line between dance and theatre with their repertoire, they strive to express how powerful dance as an art form can be for people’s relationships, struggles and personal development. Music their inspiration.


Recently premiering at this year’s Resolution in February, Lucy brings this exciting new piece to Woking;

Reviewing her piece at The Place, London in February ,Maria Hardcastle writes: Lucy Palmer’s solo How am I not myself? managed to retain stronger purpose in its euphoric exploration of self. The work was performed by the captivating Harry Parr who executed a complex and curious movement vocabulary. This seemed to be unconsciously initiated within the depths of his torso, causing convulsions to ripple throughout the body.