Dance Woking goes online

Dance Woking has been adapting to the current COVID-19 crisis. Like other organisations the health and wellbeing of our staff has been paramount and as such we moved to on-line home working. With our planned summer event programme cancelled we have been processing how best we can manage and like many organisations have decided the best option for us in the immediate short term is to Furlough our staff and pause our programme of activities.

As an agile organisation, with a small in-house team, we are very proud of the support we have through an experienced team of freelance dance artists and professional dance companies we work with who help us deliver our projects, bringing great dance to communities in Woking;

Our work is made possible through our local partnerships with educational institutions and community groups  including the amazing and diverse dance schools and groups in and around Woking and Surrey. This enables us to deliver high quality dance platforms and deliver inspiring, exciting community commissions, including our summer flash mob series and intergenerational projects to create maximum impact. Bringing great dance experience to the heart of our communities.

We are very excited about the future, how we can adapt to new technologies, and be part of the cultural offer helping communities connect and becoming more socially cohesive and economically robust and Improve physical and mental wellbeing through dance.

With a wealth of material of past work on film we have been delving into our archives and have found some interesting footage that we would like to share and revisit with you whilst we are in lock down,

We will be posting material weekly on our Instagram and facebook pages; through three weekly features:

Monday Montage – highlights of Boys Platform & Woking SLAM & Parkour

Thursday throw back – Woking SLAM highlights

Saturday Sharing’s – A mix of our freelance dance team sharing work, previous Intergenerational Projects and Summer Highlights to enjoy.

Please share with your networks and also tag us into your own highlights, we aim to use this time to celebrate past platforms and group performances; the standard of work at our platforms has been amazing and we are proud to share these moments with you. On all platforms our handle is dancewoking:

@dancewoking  #dancewoking  Instagram: dancewoking

We will also be sharing some links from other companies you may find helpful too as there is a wealth of resources and online activity for you to enjoy.

Did you know that over the last 12 months Dance Woking has:

  • Engaged with 25,262 people
  • 2413 people took part in our dance workshops & platforms
  • We created 515 employment days
  • We worked with 235 artistes 
  • We ran 307 education workshops
  • We worked with 21 professional dance companies
  • 16 schools and 31 community groups, and we hosted 9 community platforms