Dance Woking Dazzle Days!

Dance Woking are delighted to add DAZZLE DAYS to our expanding outreach provision in local schools. Dazzle days are ideal for an end of term or year enrichment day. They can involve multiple groups or classes all participating in short workshops based on a dance style of the school’s choice.

Current dazzle days on offer for Summer Term 2022 are: ‘Carnival!’ and ‘Queen’s Platinum Jubilee!’

Carnival: Learn all about the vibrant celebrations of Carnival Dance through dance, music and movement. Lively, fun and accessible workshops for all ages, including colourful props and shakers. The day culminates with the opportunity to try a carnival procession.

Queen’s Jubilee: Celebrate this wonderful cultural event with a series of dances put together that encompass the Queen’s life and reign, the Commonwealth and British Cultures. Props include flags and hula hoops.

Dazzle Days take place between 9am – 3pm, timetables are bespoke and are led by a fully qualified Dance Woking Outreach Team member.

If you would like more information about our Dazzle days or to find out costs and a breakdown of a typical day please contact Ellie, Engagements Manager.