Boys Platform Monday 18 March – review

Dance Woking is looking forward to presenting the Boys Platform on Monday 18 March


The Boys platform celebrates both male dancers and choreographers; it is a contemporary led community dance platform focussing on boys dance, we are pleased to welcome seven dance groups to tonights performance. Performing alongside schools and colleges are guest dance companies Jack Philp Dance and Alexander Whitley Dance Company.  We’d like to thank the schools and colleges for their support, and parents and guardians of the dancers without whom this platform wouldn’t be able to be possible, so thank you. The 8 groups performing are from:

Horsell Junior School

Brackenhale School, Bracknell

Havant & South Downs College

Leatherhead Trinity School

Westfield Primary School

Zambesi Dance

Alongside the school and community groups we have guest performances from two professional companies:

Jack Philp Dance with Entropy

Drawing from his earlier research “Opto-Nano”; this solo excerpt explores the sporadic motion of cells and the movement between a randomised and controlled environment. The work is inspired by the methodology behind imaging techniques used within the fields of optical microscopy to examine nano-particles inside of cells.

Choreographer: Jack Philp

Dancer: Gaia Cicolani

Music: Original Music by R. Seiliog

Alexander Whitley Dance Company with an exert of 8 Minutes

8 MINUTES by Whitley, , Choreography – Alexander Whitley, Alexander Whitley Dance Company, 2017, Platform Theatre, London, Credit: Johan Persson

Alexander Whitley Dance Company are delighted to present a duet from 8 Minutes, the critically acclaimed production, currently on tour.  In this unique collaboration with scientists from STFC RAL Space, choreographer Alexander Whitley takes inspiration from solar science research and its stunning imagery.  Igniting our imaginations with spectacular forces and overwhelming scales, space exploration constantly reshapes how we understand ourselves and our place in the universe. Dance, film and music take us on a journey to reveal the drama of the burning ball of plasma that illuminates our planet.  With an installation of high-definition imager and a specially created score , 8 Minutes captures our curiosity and wonder for this unimaginably vast subject.

Artistic Director + Choreographer – Alexander Whitley 

Video Artist – Tal Rosner

Composer – Daniel Wohl

Lead Scientist – Dr Hugh Mortimer

Dancers – Robert Bridger, Hannah Ekholm