Record Crowds at Party in the Park

Dance Woking has been hosting a group of participants on their National Citizen Service (NCS) during July. Following a very successful Party in the Park where the participants took part in Dance Woking’s martian parade and flash mob they were back with Dance Woking today, Monday 18 July, volunteering their time to help the organisation. The members split into groups with one group looking at photographs taken for Saturday 9 July go to our facebook page and see the best selected taken by Andrew Brockington. The other tidying up the office and investigating the viability and opportunity for us to host dance classes in Woking. Dance Woking were delighted with the output the 15-16 year olds delivered during their time with us.

Woking Party in the Park July 2016

Dance Woking lead the sci fi flash mob in the Encounters tent

Woking Party in the Park July 2016 The Wheel House

Acrojou perform The Wheel House in the pop up area Futuristic Field

To see more photos go to: Dance Woking Party in the Park highlights album