Norwich Puppet Theatre Visits Christmas Holiday Club

The participants of our Hunky Dory Christmas Holiday club were treated to a wonderful performance of Beastly Belle from Norwich Puppet Theatre on Monday.

Featuring a skillful mix of puppetry, film projections and an original musical score, Beastly Belle brings the classic Beauty and the Beast tale to puppet form with a contemporary twist! The young heroine Belle is plucked from a life of poverty by Merill, a greedy film producer who sweeps her off her feet and into fame and fortune in the movies. Caught up in the glitz and glamour, Belle forgets her roots and is ensnared by a world obsessed with good looks – but looks aren’t everything, right? A journey of discovery which explores perceptions of physical beauty and how two strangers can overcome their differences. Will Beauty come to understand and accept the Beast?

They were captivated by the classic story that was reimagined in puppet form from start to finish.

Thank you so much to Norwich Puppet Theatre for visiting us!