James Wilton Dancer goes to Yateley School

Tuesday 11 February saw Nori Aoki, one of James Wilton’s Company dancers lead a two hour boys dance workshop at Yateley Secondary School. The boys were shown some signature James Wilton Dance Company movement along with some of the sequences from their new work called The Storm.

Head of Dance, Helen Wearing, was literally blown away by the workshop and the way it really energised the boys, some of whom had never danced before.

Following the workshop Tilly Maginnis from Dance Woking managed to catch-up with Helen to ask her about what bringing a professional company dancer meant to the group and school. Helen enthused   “…..the chance to work with Nori from James Wilton Dance Company was incredible he is very talented and just inspiring to challenge them to do movements they haven’t done before”. She went on to say ” It is amazing for them to be able to work with someone who it’s their profession as a job and to see something from a trailer on YouTube to actually be able to work with them in the studio for 2 hours is a real privilege.


And next steps for the group is to see the professional performance of The Storm by James Wilton Dance Company at Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking on Tuesday 25 February:

Helen continues “I can’t wait. Absolutely can’t wait and for some of the boys it is the first time they have seen dance at the theatre. I’m excited, their excited can’t wait”.

If you have been inspire by watching the footage and for those who have yet to purchase tickets please go to Book Tickets

Next week sees Dance Woking host a 3 day Residency with James Wilton Dance Company, places are still available and suitable for those aged 12 and older; for details go to: Apply now for dance residency