Introducing… Brockhill Creative Seated Dance Group!

Brockhill Creative Seated Dance Group have been working with dance artist Kate Finegan to create and present a film of their work titled Home at our event ‘Different Pasts, Shared Future’ in partnership with Woking Borough Council. The event is on Tuesday 19th June and is a cultural celebration for National Refugee Week that will feature a range of dance performances, film, art and food!

Brockhill is a unique housing scheme for the elderly based in Goldsworth Park and every Wednesday morning a truly wonderful group meet for Creative Seated Dance taught regularly by Kate. For the past six weeks the group have been focused on creating choreography and movement to present a film at the event.

‘We have been thinking of creative responses to the idea of ‘home’ with each member of the group contributing their own memories of home. These memories have been used as inspiration for choreographed sequences of movement by the storyteller, which has been taught to the group. We then culminated this project with a joyous morning of filming with Omari ’The motion dance collective’ CarterKate Finegan

The film will be shown on Tuesday 19th June at ‘Different Pasts, Shared Future’. The group will continue to meet every Wednesday morning, and more information on Brockhill Centre and the weekly sessions with Kate can be found here!

Different Pasts, Shared Future
Tuesday 19th June, 6pm-8pm
H.G. Wells Conference & Events Centre

This event is FREE and open to all – more information here!