Evolve Dance May Half term for 12 plus

Come and join Dance Woking in May Half Term to take part in a fun and exciting workshops to learn repertoire by Ceyda Tanc Dance! Wednesday will be led by dancers from Ceyda Tanc Dance, and Thursday’s rehearsal will be led by Dance Woking Artists.

Whose it for? Suitable for 12 years and older, some dance experience would be great

What will you learn? Turkish folk dance led by professional dance company Ceyda Tanc Dance.

This is part of a larger project and will lead to a performance opportunity:

KUSAK is an exciting intergenerational performance challenging audience perception of dance and age; this new work explores ritualistic ceremonies from Turkish Folk culture.

For details click on link: Get Dancing

Activate Dance May Half Term for 8 – 11 year olds

May Half Term Blues? Spaces still available for our sessions this week

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