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What Party in the Park – Dance Woking Showcases – Main Stage

When Saturday 7 July 2018

Where Main stage, Woking Park


Main Stage 


Summerscales Performing Arts42 Street

Belly Tricks – Shuklam Bharadaram Vishnu

A drum solo and the choreography is inspired by army formation drills.

Boogie Pumps, – Crazy

The Boogie Pump Performers have been concentrating on the idea of females coming together to put on a strong united front, just as the suffragettes did. The dance is a high energy, strong & fierce street dance piece which highlights working and moving together as a team to make an impact.

Sayapatri Nepali – Tamang Selo Dance

Traditional Nepali Dance

Holly School of Dance, #Fresh & #LilFresh – Dancing for Fun

We specialise in Street Dance & Hip Hop including Break Dance, House Dance, Tuttin, Lockin’, Waacking, Reggeaton. We even offer Zumba, Clubbercise and Pilates Classes. Classes are available for ages 5+ all the way up to adulthood. Dancing has been proven to keep us all younger for longer and in our opinion, it’s never too late to start, be brave and go for it!

Gobounce TEENS – This Is Me

Summerscales Performing ArtsKelly’s Rag



Global Grooves Foundation – Taiva Gumi nevaviri

Families used to be many during world war but they perish and children were left alone. So Chimurenga music was being played

Dreamcatchers Stage SchoolDaydream

Esher CofE High School – The Vow

Jenny Reeds School of Dance – To The End

This piece is a celebration of the various roles of women who were fundamental to the war. We will take a closer look at the victory of individuals who were often overlooked and remember with gratitude all that they gave.

Amina Khayyam Dance Company – Rubai

Amina Khayyam Dance uses Kathak, a story telling dance form.
Using props and original music this is an enchanting and inspired dance piece.

Summerscales Performing Arts – Seaside



Amina Khayyam Dance Company – Guru Vandana

Amina Khayyam Dance uses Kathak, a story telling dance form.
Using props and original music this is an enchanting and inspired dance piece.

Dancayers War Torn

War Torn depicts the melancholic and lost feelings of soldiers at war through contemporary and lyrical movements. The strict and regimented movements of soldiers moving as one under command are expressed through the jazz and street dance style movements. War Torn aims to express the loneliness of war and the camaraderie found in organised chaos.

Urban Dance SchoolGet It Together

Summerscales Performing Arts – Disco

Nocturn Dance – FORWARD

Who is Mary Poppins? Disney’s screen version presents us with a graceful, kind, stern but nurturing nanny; but in her original form in P L Traver’s books she is gruff, cruel, contradictory and extremely vain. This piece is a physical exploration of the literary and screen version of Mary Poppins and celebrates the idiosyncrasies of this much-loved character.

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