ABOUT / Organisation

About Dance Woking

Established in 1994, Dance Woking is an innovative dance organisation that provides high quality opportunities to watch, perform and take part in dance, providing new experiences that inspire artists, audiences, participants and communities.

We do this by:

Engage more people in meaningful dance experiences

To create a sustainable local dance community/ecosystem

To create a sustainable business model for Dance Woking

During the last 12 months Dance Woking

Led 1,826 people in a Dance Woking workshop

22,675 people watched a Dance Woking event

35 people have volunteered to help make this happen

Worked with 21 professional dance companies

Engaged with 16 schools + 31 Community groups

Dance Woking’s Vision is ‘To champion and celebrate dance as a socially and culturally relevant force through an annual programme of events that resonate with Dance Woking’s audiences. Dance Woking aims to be an outstanding contributor to the arts, culture, sport, health and wellbeing in Woking and the South East of England, with a reputation for its support and development of dance both regionally and nationally’.